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In May 1964, we were founded as Pingzhou Rattan Article Processing Factory.

In 1979, we successfully introduced the first Nanhai supplied material processing enterprise, which reserved the first barrel gold for future development.

In 1996, transforming from collective enterprise to private enterprise, we built Guangdong Real Faith Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 

In May 2006, we put forward the strategy of "retreat in order to advance". We retreated from traditional manufacturing industry in a planned and systematic way. Then we entered into the development of self-innovation photoelectron filed.  

In 2008, we made an important move of "transforming from traditional manufacture to modern manufacture", "transforming from traditional industry to green environment protection industry". Through the integration of our overwhelming resources, we comprehensively kicked off green environment protection manufacture. We opened the way of a new round transformation and updating

From 2008, sticking to the idea of "seeking for breakthrough and development by innovation", we use nearly five years to set up five technology R&D centers. Because of the foundation of five technology R&D centers, and five years’ well-developed arrangement on photoelectric industry, till 2012, we have successfully built a vertical full-industrial chain from semiconductor epitaxy equipment, epitaxy chip,  encapsulation to lighting application and energy-saving service.

In 2009, the world's largest, longest and deepest shield tunnel project was completed – the installation of the LED tunnel lights of the Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel.

In 2013, the brand promotion strategy was determined and promoted in an all-round way.

In 2014, Zhaoxin Group began to form the Zhaoxin Photoelectric Laboratory with national CNAS accreditation.

In 2014, we went deep into the national market and steadily promoted market strategies in various regions.

In 2015, the development and production of smart lighting products was launched.

In 2018, Zhaoxin Photoelectric Laboratory received the National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate issued by CNAS.