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Our culture

Our mission: to create value for innovative life

Our vision: Zhaoyu society, believe in the future

Our strategic goal: to become the leading brand enterprise in the optical and electronic industry

Our core values: integrity-based, courage to change, harmony and win-win

Our entrepreneurial spirit: dare to be the first person, persistent pursuit, continuous improvement

Our business philosophy: integration into customer systems, innovative customer value

Our management rule: to make a plastic line with a cultural heart

Our social responsibility: building a better future for society with technology and benevolence

Quality Policy: Create a good quality Zhaoxin brand with sincerity

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy: Eco-Design, Green Manufacturing, Green Products,

Pollution prevention, ensuring well-being, compliance with regulations, and continuous improvement.

Core concept

Persistent pursuit, constant surpassing

Keeping the faith, making unremitting efforts, constant self-transcendence

To be a well-known enterprise with sustained competitive power

Molding brand, building image, seeking for development by innovation, improving sustained competitive power

Revolution, harmony, integrity

Achieving the harmony between employee and enterprise, between enterprise and the society, treating employee and customers with integrity

Our goal: To become a well-known enterprise with sustained competitive power

Enterprise policy: Human-oriented, creating the best enterprise

Quality policy: Building our Real Faith  brand with excellent quality by good faith

Our spirit: Persistent pursuit and constant surpassing.

Our mission: To create value.

Our core value: Revolution, harmony, integrity.

6S activity policy: Starting from the minor and molding new company image

Environment policy: Ecological design, green production, green product